ALL Controller - Is it possible?

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    A while back I found a Youtube video by Rerez showing off a new controller called the ALL Controller. It is supposed to work on a lot of different consoles including the Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Any and all Linux distros, and iOS and Android. Seeing the video got me really hyped at first, but then I really started thinking about it...
    1. If the controller was going to work on iOS, it'd have to conform to MFI standards. A big part of these standards is no clicky sticks (L3 and R3). Either the controller gives up L3 and R3, crippling support for nearly everything besides iOS, or it doesn't conform to MFI standards, and is unable to be officially used on iOS. In an even worse case, ALL Controller just won't support iOS at all.
    2. Because Xbox controllers don't use bluetooth, and instead some signal that only Microsoft uses, the ALL Controller can't connect to an Xbox. It's why every third party controller uses a usb connector. They could just make the controller use usb input for everything, and that's probably what they'll have to do to get around this.
    At the end of the day, the controller will have to be connected through usb for use on Xbox and Playstation consoles. iOS and Android will use bluetooth, and that's hoping iOS even makes it through. Bluetooth could be an option on PC, as well as plugging in the usb.

    Those are just two things I thought of. I'm more confident in the first point though than the second. Does anybody else have any idea why this wouldn't work? Or maybe it very well could work and I'm just being dumb. What do you guys think?

    ALL Controller video
    ALL Controller official site
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    i have a solution for that problems...
    i have a logitech f710, this controller (for pc only) supports both direct input and xinput protocols with their pros and cons... it has a physical switch that changes mode...
    the problem is the wiring.. all consoles have different ports, so you have loads of adapters and deal with that.. if you going with wired mode (you can just put a receiver and go wireless for all consoles)
    the protocols and software could be changed with some switches..
    about that xbox and bluethoot issue, like i said, put both radios and a switch to change mode..
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    Sep 23, 2013
    well they could include a usb dongle that takes the normal Bluetooth connection and translates it for 360/xbone/PC, or just using a generic wireless receiver like the old third part ps3 controllers

    in regards to the MFi thing, apple are just idiots, always trying to mess stuff up for BS reasons, idk if they would allow clicky buttons of a MFi device but just not allow them to be used or if they would have a stick up their butt over their inclusion.....hat said I'm not sure if the controller could just masquerade as a already accepted controller
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