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    So I did a system transfer to my sisters n3ds xl and some things like scrolling over face raiders makes the "an error has occurred with the save" or something like that. I plan on installing al9h, re-installing 11.2 using a update pack and then removing it(she doesn't want me to update the system). How would I remove al9h after i'm done with this? Please don't say things like I should keep al9h becuase it's not my system and she dosen't want it on for long, just to fix it.
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    You go into hourglass9 and hit uninstall a9lh. It's a9lh btw, not al9h. Also, since even though you dont want to, another a9lh console is always very good to have. What you could do, is install the kecleon patch for luma3ds. With this patch, you can make the 3ds look and act exactly like a vanilla console, and you can undo the patch whenever you want.
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