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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Awakened, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I'm using AKAIO 1.4.1 Proper Repack on an Acekard 2i in my DSLite.

    It would seem after using the AKAIO menu to delete a .sav file (I have my options set to use .sav instead of .nds.sav) if you start the game whose .sav you just deleted or another game that doesn't already have a .sav file the game will not save properly. Here's my process:

    1. Start up AKAIO and change the system options to show NDS and SAV files.
    2. Go out of your DS games folder and back in so your .sav files show up.
    3. Delete one of your .sav files.
    4. Go into system options and change it back to only showing NDS files. Go out of and back into your DS games folder. I'm not sure if this step matters, but it's what I did.
    5. Start up a game that doesn't have a .sav file already (it doesn't have to be the game whose .sav you just deleted).
    6. Play long enough to save in game somewhere.
    7. Power off and on and get back into AKAIO (you can probably soft reset too. I'm not sure if it matters either way).
    8. Start up the game you just saved in. You should notice it has to process again, and that when you get to the select save screen that your progress is gone.

    Now when you save this time it should be fine (assuming you didn't delete a .sav with the menu before booting the game again). I've only lost DS game save data with my Acekard twice. The first time was after deleting the game's .sav file and playing, and the second was after deleting a completely different game's save and starting another game for the first time.

    Can someone else try and replicate this? Try both soft resetting and powering off/on.
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    i set up an ak2.1 recently and deleted saves as i played from the akaio gui. i did not experience this at all.

    try deleting the optionslist.bin if it exists in your _aio folder. then try your steps above again.
    check the contents of lastsave.ini between loads. you can open an ini file in any format stripping text application (like notepad).

    if that doesn't work...
    format your msd using the panasonic formatter, then repeat your steps above.

    try different roms, if you are testing on the same few. try homebrews that save as well.

    after you have fully debugged, if you still think it is akaio that is causing the problem, post back.

    -another world
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    Hmm I didn't know you can do that with akAIO... interesting...

    ~His Infernal Majesty