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May 9, 2006
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Okay, I'm not a total noob, but I've never used the ak2i before, just got it today for my DSi.

Using AKAIO 1.41 PROPER with the latest loaders and the USRCHEAT.DAT from the 4/16/09 GBATemp Cheat Database.

Here are my problems/questions:

1. How do I get soft reset to work properly? I have selected ENABLED in the SYSTEM SETTINGS and all my ROMs are set to DEFAULT but hitting LRABXY doesn't reset. Is this a problem because it's a DSi or am I missing something?

2. How do I get cheats to work? I see that I can select them by pressing Y while a ROM is highlighted, but I don't understand what to do from there. I tried X to update the .cc and cheats are ENABLED in the SYSTEM SETTINGS and the USRCHEAT.DAT is selected and DEFAULT is selected in the ROM SETTINGS but the cheats don't have any effect. I know I'm not understanding what I'm doing on this one.

That's where I'm at. Thanks for the help if you can give it.

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