AK2i multi game cartridge problem

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by miastt, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Jul 8, 2009

    This is my first post as I am a new DSi owner ( sorry my son is meant to be the owner....) so please be gentle. I have searched to the best of my ability and not found a similar problem on the forum.

    I bought a multi game cartridge from the internet which arrived as a 2gb micro SD in a AK2i cartridge with 49 games.

    Plugged it into the DSi, and the icon came up on the menu. When I clicked it for the 1st couple of times I got a list of games, in a file list type format. Then, the list changed into a scrolable list with icons next to the game name. Initially upon clicking these, nothing happened. Then, after about the 5th or 6th time of re-booting, the first game on the cartridge ( unfortunately it is Animal Crossing) loaded perfectly.

    And this is where the problems begin!! I cannot get back to the list of games on the cartridge. Every time that I switch the console on and click onto the AK2i ikon it automatically loads Animal crossing.

    I have tried letting the game load and then exiting, however I am unable to do so.

    I have a couple of genuine cartridges which work fine, however the thoughts of playing Open season for anything more than a few minutes sends me to the verge of tears.

    Is there a way of opening the contents of the cartridge on the DS so that I can select a different game, or is there a software fault.

    I am reluctant to remove the SD card, as the unit is sealed. The site where I got it from promise they will take it back and check it, but I am not holding my breath. I would rather sort the problem myself.

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Please take pity on an ageing idiot............!
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    ...huh? You bought it with games already on it? Where did you get it?

    ...and how is the unit sealed? You should be able to remove the microSD card fine if it's actually an AK2i.
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    Seems like you set the Acekard to autorun the Animal Crossing. Just hold the B button after clicking on the Acekard icon. Afterwards you should tap 'Start' and choose 'System Options'. Now tap the upper left arrow to scroll through the list of options until it says 'Default Patch Options'. There should be an 'Autorun' option now, set it to 'Disabled'.

    I'm using AKAIO, so it can be a little different with the official firmware (sorry, I never used that), but the basics should be the same.

    The list type can be changed by pressing the 'Select' button when browsing the games.

    Hope this helps.
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    firstly you will need to verify if you have a real ak2i or not. sadly the only two ways to do this are to open the kit and check and/or format the msd and add akaio 1.4.1 proper firmware which has a clone blocker. once you verify if it is a real ak2i, then you can join this hobby. plug the msd into the pc would allow you to drag/drop the .nds roms off of it. that way nothing is lost. the problem with stuff not loading is most likely a firmware/loader issue. however, if the kit is a clone and it is running an incorrect firmware then you would have unexpected behavior.

    check my sig for a link to the akaio wiki. in the FAQ section you will find info about verifying if your acekard is real. follow the link there to the post team acekard made.

    post back and keep us up on your progress. we will try to help you get this settled.


    if this seems like too much work, return the kit and ask for your money back. buy an acekard from dealextreme.com, buy a micro sd, and get into this hobby the right way. there are hundreds of free homebrew games and applications that you can get your child into legally. most of which can be found at the gbatemp download center.

    -another world