AK2 or DSTT?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by gotchaff, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. gotchaff

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    I was set on getting an AK2, until I learned that DSTT's were selling from dealextreme for $6.71. Is there any reason I should pay almost $20 more for an AK2?
  2. VatoLoco

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Youre asking in the Acekard section so obviously yer gonna get recommended to it over dstt

    the ak2i is 20$...

    the ak2 is currently only 11.40$ at DX so its not even a $5 difference to the DSTTs price.

    Imo the DSTT sucks. I've owned 2 of them and they both crapped out quickly, and even when they did run, the gui was lame and clunky.

    Acekard is a way better choice for too many reasons to list, especially if you use the AKAIO firmware
  3. smoke14me61

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    I can't tell you anything about the DSTT but I have had my AceKard for about a month now and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it. I bought one for myself, my daughter, and my fiance and I have also turned the card on to 3 of my friends and none of them are disappointed. Like the first person who replied to you you can get an AceKard for $11 on DX. I just ordered 3 more just for backups. [​IMG]
  4. Bri

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    I have both a DSTT and an Acekard 2. The Acekard 2 is well worth the extra few dollars. The DSTT lacks some of the most basic features that nearly every other flash cart has, including the ability to list games alphabetically (yes, they appear in the menu in whatever order they happen to be in the file table), the ability to view folders (all .nds files on the microSD card appear in one long list), the ability to load GBA games to a slot 2 cart automatically, the ability to switch skins from the menu (only one skin is supported -- to change skins you have to replace it with another skin on the microSD card), etc. In addition, the menu is sluggish, a large number have hardware problems, and compatibility updates are few and far between (much less additional features or bug fixes) because there are a huge number of clones so the DSTT team spends much of its time developing fake-killer firmware rather than updating the menu.

  5. Smatchmo

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    You're buying from dealextreme?

    There shouldn't be a $20 difference between the two. I made a thread here about 1 1/2-2 moths ago asking if I should buy a DSTT or an AK2 because they were both selling for under/around $15 and were two of the cheapest flash cards on DX. The DSTT was cheaper (cheapest on dx was $6-7) but the AK2 was.... what, $13-14? There wasn't a $20 difference between the two, then or now.

    To answer your question though, get the AK2. It's my 3rd flash card (after R4 & EZ5) and, by far, my favorite.

    I'll be trying the DSTT just because it is so cheap (and just in case i need a backup flash card), but I really don't see how it could be any better than the AK2. AK2 is just that good.
  6. xrM

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    Jan 25, 2009
    I've got the DSTT, and let me tell you..the lag seriously sucks. Plus not being able to sort games alphabetically can be quite a pain too, I'm always having to cut and repaste my games in the microsd just to have them resorted.

    Anyway, I've got a ak2 en route from DX now, hopefully it'll be much better [​IMG]
  7. Diablo1123

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Go with AK2. I've used it and the DSTT, and the AK2 is definetly better. Espeically with AKAIO. DSTT doesn't seem to be updating important stuff anymore do they?
  8. Martiin

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    Nov 4, 2008
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    better everything
    imo i fancy the GUI of it
  9. david432111

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    Jul 17, 2008
    The dstt is ok but it's missing a lot of features that the acekard has. I ordered an acekard yesterday because the dstt has already completely burned my micro sd one time, I'm not taking that chance again.
  10. Splych

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    May 19, 2008
    Canada, Ontario.
    AK2 FTW~! I tried out the DSTT firmware on my SuperCard DS One v3, and the GUI was crap ><

    Hated it, and would never want to go back to it. Happy enough with my AceKard 2.1 now. And soon to be buying a M3Real off of my dad for $10 [​IMG]
  11. Briankealing

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    Nov 25, 2008
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    The AK2 is superior to the DSTT - the only thing that makes the DSTT better is it has freebies and the AK2 literally comes with nothing else.
  12. ball2012003

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    go with the acekard 2
    beats the dstt in every way except for the price
  13. HBK

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    Mar 30, 2007
    I don't have an Acekard 2, but I've owned a DSTT for like...4 months now and it's really good. Sure, I liked the R4 better (used to own one), but the DSTT is great for that price. Using YSMenu (don't go with TTMenu, IT SUCKS) loads games, nearly no compat. issues. Recommended! Got one for my friend, he's very satisfied too.
  14. Ballistic

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    Jul 12, 2008
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    I second that posting this in the Acekard subforum wasn't a very wise idea. Of course you're going to have one-sided arguments. So I'll add onto that I believe the Acekard to be superior. It has great support (hey Smith and Normatt) and an epic GUI only bested by Sakura (opinionated statement if you haven't noticed). *psst I want an M3 Real*
  15. Smatchmo

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    if this makes you more confidant in your choice, i posted a "DSTT or AK2?" thread/poll in the (probably) more neutral Other Flashing Hardware & Software folder back in midDecember.
    AK2 wins

    polls results on "Which flashcard should i buy next?":

    2- other
    9- AK2
    0- DSTT

    no love for DSTT apparently.
    i can see why though. i haven't tried DSTT yet, but i don't see how it could possibly improve on AK2.
  16. blanco613

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    Sep 28, 2008
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    acekard no question about it