Air Farce comedian Roger Abbott has passed away

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    Canadian actor and comedian Roger Abbott has died, his friend and fellow player in CBC's Royal Canadian Air Farce confirmed Sunday.

    Don Ferguson said Abbott, 64, died Saturday night at Toronto General Hospital, 14 years after being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    He kept the progressive disease secret from all but a few close friends and family until a week ago, Ferguson said.

    "Roger was the guiding light of Royal Canadian Air Farce since it began in 1973, and all of us who have had the honour of working with him and the pleasure of knowing him will dearly miss his kindness, generosity, integrity, leadership and wonderful sense of humour," he said.


    Such a shame, he was a funny guy and as someone who loved the show, he will certainly be missed. By far and away one of the greatest minds to ever spearhead a Canadian comedy show, not many have left a legacy like Air Farce has.
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    Holy shit, this is pretty sad...
    I've watched RCAF since 2004, its still considered as one of my favorite tv sketch comedy shows.

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    This is sad news, I remember hearing when John Morgan died too.
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    Rest in peace...