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    This thread is for FAQs, Tutorials, Current News and Events, History of the Scene.

    Read though EVERYTHING before making any comments. DO NOT selectively read sections.

    Do ask questions if they're not in the FAQs on this post (or not in the wiki page) and once answered they will be added.

    New to everything? Start here
    (The link contains information on which 3DS sets have <4.5, how to use flash carts, what can you do with them and some comparison and bugs and stuff)

    Current publicly available exploits
    - 4.1-4.5 3DS is 'hackable' i.e. 3ds rom flash carts and CFW if it is released

    Current known but NOT available exploits
    - 6.x is a WIP, Smealum has show a proof of the exploit here
    - So does this mean you should go out and purchase a 6.x console for roms? Not yet. Read this "ssspwn can not by itself allow piracy". Bottom line, wait and see what happens.


    Currently available flash cart with most features?

    Gateway with their 2.0 Omega release.

    Featuring multirom with menu, NAND saving based games support, updatable FPGA.


    #All 3DS Flash Carts FAQs (GW+EVO+R4+3DSLINK+MT)
    Q: OMG XYZ site says the ABCD flash cart supports latest firmware 7.1!
    A: NO. It supports emuNand up to 7.1

    Q: What is emuNand?
    A: Didn't you read the wiki page? Last time that I'll be linking it

    Q: Do I need to update to 4.5 if I am already on 4.1?
    A: Recommended. Especially since there were reports of issues with 4.1. If you're 4.2-4.4, there has been no reports.

    Q: Do I need to perform a Nand Backup?
    A: Yes. For the love of fluffy puppies perform a Nand Backup and store it somewhere safe. I have 3 nand backups.

    Q: Will DSTWO DS card brick my 3DS?
    A: Wat. No.

    #Gateway FAQs
    Q: Can I use the GW card to update my 3DS from 4.1 to 4.5?
    A: Yes. You need launcher 1.0 though.

    Q: Are there fake GW cards?
    A: Possible BUT its recent. Most if not all of your cards should be legit. Don't worry about it.

    #3DSLink/ R4i Gold Deluxe FAQs
    Q: Can I use Gateway Launcher? Can I use MT card Launcher? Can I use rocket launchers?
    A: No, the 3DSLINK and R4i can only be used with their own launchers. You can use a rocket launcher if you can purchase one.

    #MT-Card FAQs
    Q: Can it support exFAT cards?
    A: As of version 1.1 no

    Q: Is this website legit? It looks like its registered by JIANGSU BANGNING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD
    A: "JIANGSU BANGNING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD" is a chinese tech set up. It's a website provider and hoster. They design websites catered to clients. They are not responsible for the actions of their client

    Q: Does the EVO3DS contain brick code?
    A: Nobody knows, its NOT RELEASED yet.


    ##How do I set up emuNand?

    Timeline of events (hidden in the spoiler below)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Seriously dude, there is a flashcards thread already and a faq too...

    Your other thread already got closed, this is no better.
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    We already have threads for this. Check the stickies.
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