Hacking After updating to the latest Atmosphere and FW 11.0.1, I can't launch any NSP/NSZ/title installers


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May 27, 2019
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[on an emuMMC]
While any titles I have installed prior to upgrading will still load (although I haven't tested if they will successfully open up as normal), I'm worried that I'm unable to install any further NSP/NSZ files should I desire to later on. I only have Goldbricks, Goldleaf, and Tinleaf installed that can install titles. None of them successfully open after updating to Atmosphere 0.18.1 + Mesosphere and Hekate 5.5.4, but the lattermost will cause the OS to crash with an error code of 2168-0002. It doesn't matter whether I launch the homebrew browser from the Album, or from a game title; the result is the same.

I have already downloaded the latest sigpatches I can apply, but I'm not sure of what else needs to be done. I could consider updating the title installers themselves, but there are no new versions I can find. I do have a backup made when I made my emuMMC on FW 10.2.0, but I don't know how I can restore the emuMMC from a backup stored on a PC. Downgrading isn't an option since I used Daybreak to install the FW 11.0.1 on the sysMMC.

I don't know what I can do to regain the ability to install NSP/NSZ titles. I can't tell exactly where my problem lies at, but it may mean that I'll have to give up the ability to play pirated NSP files (except for whatever I already installed) and go homebrew only if nobody can help me.

Update: I got the sigpatches from https://github.com/eXhumer/patches, and using them now results in Goldleaf (0.9 installed) running now. However, Goldbricks and Tinleaf are still not working, with the same results as before. I can install NSPs, but not yet NSZs (unless I converted them to NSP first). :(

Update 2: I'm going to solve this problem by myself with a Goldleaf fork with NSZ support from GoldBricks patched in. More details at https://gbatemp.net/threads/my-goldleaf-fork-based-on-0-9-with-nsz-support.583812/, and the Git repository can be found at https://github.com/RQWorldblender/Goldleaf.
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