AetherXS2, Kotick In TROUBLE, DB Breakers, Rockstar Apologizes & more - Tempcast #65

In this week's episode two buffoons and RyRyIV have a somewhat coherent discussion about Rockstar games releasing an apology for the disastrous GTA Trilogy "definitive" edition, which is something we have been discussing every week for the past year or so it seems. There's also possible legal trouble for the CEO of Activision/Blizzard Bobby Kotick on the way, but unfortunately for us, our resident lawyer Eric "Ericzander" Zander esq. didn't do enough preparation for this topic (or any for that matter) which is why we don't have a LAWYER EXPLAINS segment this episode. However, we do talk about the Game Awards nominees, XBox loving emulation, and the Dragon Ball Among Us game. Finally, we discuss the new PS2 emulator for android called AetherXS2, which is now in a closed beta.

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Nov 10, 2018
Next Tempcast they will bring back the Classic GBA Temp, not the one with the GBA Roms, and not a R4 Wood update, and not the one before this one, no what will come back is the classic logo! And the Tempcast will be only 25 minutes so it fits the length of a TV episode so they call sell the Tempcast to air on TV. And even better GBA Temp will launch a NFT of the Classic GBA Temp logo for sale! Can't wait!
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    Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy: Monitor supports HDR, which means I can finally try out the RTX HDR mod. Pretty neat +1