Activision CEO Bobby Kotick subpoenaed, US government now involved in misconduct investigation


Things are heating up again in the latest addition to the Activision Blizzard saga. A few months ago, the state of California filed a lawsuit against Activision, following reports of sexual misconduct, worker discrimination, and "rampant frat boy workplace culture". Since then, the company has been dealing with the ongoing investigation and trying to placate upset fans, by patching content in certain games or renaming Overwatch's McCree, who was named after a former Blizzard employee that has since been fired, following those allegations.

Now, things have extended to the federal level, as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is involving itself. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the SEC has begun its own investigation into Activision Blizzard's workplace harassment claims. The SEC has subpoenaed CEO Bobby Kotick, among other employees, for documents involving meetings, correspondence, and other relevant information regarding how Activision handled reports of harassment and discrimination.

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