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    I did this

    ''Ok first, you need the latest R4 firmware, v 1.18 (as of writing):

    Next you want the Code Manager from Datel:
    US version:
    Euro version:

    Finally you want the R4 Cheat code editor:
    or if the site is down, then get it here:

    Now it gets easy :-D
    Update you MicroSD card with the new firmware
    Install the Code Manager.
    1. Under Subscriptions right click Codejunkies US Games and select copy if you want all or just do this for games you want.
    2. Under My Codelists right click and select paste.
    3. Let it import the games into your codelist.
    4. Once it has completed go this folder:
    C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists

    Find the XML, it should say something along the lines of customcodelist.xml

    Open the Code Editor and go to file and press Import XML file.

    Import the one you just made and then go to file and Save As cheat database. Save it as usrcheat.dat.

    Now open the card again and navigate to the system folder. Copy the new usrcheat.dat file to that folder and you are done [​IMG]

    I tried changing the firmware several times. I don't see a cheat option. Theres a CHEAT thing and then my USRCHEAT. i tried deleting cheat, i tried not deleting cheat. pressing y does nothing.

    i have exhausted my options and spent over an hour trying to get it working. help!?