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    Jan 14, 2009
    Ok got no idea if I should post this here but I have been searching for over 4 hours now and like to share my findings for users.

    It seems Datel are out to make more money of the users of the orginal 1st Generation Action Replay DS card. Most of which are at version 1.54.

    Datels newest update for the hardware is currently 1.71. Which is required to run codes for Pokemon black and white.

    Anyway you'd think oh ok no problem just update the firmware. Wrong! when you come to update the damm thing the program returns saying it is not a valid firmware file.

    Now this problems seems preety widespread. And a suggestion has been to update the 1.54 version to the previous update 1.60.

    However, Code Junkies have removed the download for that firmware making it impossible to test for users.

    (And I have spent hours searching the web, torrent sites, downloads sites etc...with no luck of a copy anywhere.)
    {If a file is found I strongly suggest it be uploaded to FileTrip}

    So...thats my findings, theres two videos on youtube if you search for them. They also have handy tips about updating 1.60 to 1.71 if your having any trouble.

    DSi users there seems to be no issue updating to 1.25 at all, but again there are more instructional videos if you have any issues.

    [On a different note does anyone know how I could possibly copy the firmware from an Action Replay and write it to another??]