action replay clone for the ds?

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    chishm posted on another forum that he made a action replay clone anyone try it out yet? i already use his dldi patches so im wondering how good this thing is?

    this is his post on that other forum.

    Nitro Hax

    This is a homebrew Action Replay DS clone. The first release is version 0.1. It should be able to run any ARDS code, with one small exception. Since I wrote the cheat engine from scratch, any code that modifies the ARDS cheat engine won't work.

    There are 3 added codes that don't exist on the ARDS:
    C100000000 00000000 - this is the cheat list terminator. It is added to the end of the cheat list after it is loaded, so you don't need to worry about it.
    C200000000 xxxxxxxx - relocates the cheat engine to xxxxxxxx.
    C300000000 xxxxxxxx - changes the hook address to xxxxxxxx. The hook can be any address that is loaded then branched to. For example, you could hook the third word in:
    ldr r0, . + 8
    bx r0
    .word 0x0200AC90

    Codes are loaded from the file "/cheats.cht" on the root of your flash card. All libfat supported cards should work. All codes are loaded; this is version 0.1 after all. The codes should be in a format similar to:
    Infinite Lives
    220eca80 00000063
    Infinite Mario Time
    b20ecf40 00000000
    10000008 0000001e
    d2000000 00000000

    The layout doesn't matter, the data values should be 8 nibbles long. Anything that isn't interpretable as hexadecimal is ignored.

    If you find any codes that don't work, and don't rely on specific quirks of the ARDS, mention them here so that I can try to fix them.

    Thanks go to:
    kenobi - that AR code doc saved me heaps of time
    Parasyte - thanks to you, hooking couldn't be simpler
    bLAStY - provided the dumps I needed
    cReDiAr - gave me the last missing piece required to boot a DS game
    Everyone else who helped me along the way

    Big thanks to Datel, for creating the original ARDS and the code DB to go with it.
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    Where exactly is the DL link for this? I might wanna give it a shot. Btw, what does he mean by "cheats that modifies the ARDS engine"?
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