act.dat and idps.hex CFW/HEN (tutorial)

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    May 10, 2019
    first of all this will not work on HAN since it requires homebrew apps.

    • starting with act.dat :
    you need multiMAN (which i recommend) or any other homebrew app that allows you to manage the system's files. (FTP works as well)
    enter the file manager and go under dev_hdd0/home/000000xx/exdata/ (as shown in the pictures).

    screenshots (demo)
    the act.dat file that you're looking for is just sitting there copy it to your usb and you're done.
    when u open home folder, you will find inside it a lot of folders with a number e.g 00000026.
    each one of these represent one of the accounts you currently have on your ps3, and each one has it's own act.dat
    but you want to have the act.dat of your main account which you use to play your games and go online.
    let's assume you picked a folder named 00000016, to check if it's the right one open it and browse to 00000016/friendim/avatar/ (as demonstrated in the pictures).
    screenshots (demo)
    open me.png and it should show your current psn avatar.

    • For idps.hex :
    this one is not the same as the act.dat file, you can't find it anywhere in your ps3 which means you have to make it yourself.
    but first you need to identify your idps, we will be using psnpatch, run it and you will get this.

    screenshot (demo)
    normally the real and current idps should be the same, but for people who switched from CEX to DEX these two IDs won't be identical due to changes on the LV2 thus you have to pick the real one (framed). Write it down and head to your computer.

    next you will need a hex editor software. I used HxD since it's simple and easy to install and doesn't ask for a system restart.
    install it, click on file then new and type your idps.
    screenshots (demo)
    type your idps as it is then save it and name it exactly "idps.hex".
    in case you are confused here's a video showing you how to type your idps in the hex editor.

    so that's it you got the 2 files you were looking for, hope this tutorial was helpful and good luck with your hunt.
    if there anything that i missed lemme know.


    multiMan : click here
    PSNpatch : click here
    HxD : click here
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