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Sep 22, 2009
Hamilton, New Zealand
New Zealand
Okay, So i guess in some WAYS this can be a Site Discussion, but may not be its intentional purpose, I thought this should be posted in Off Topic or General chat but i wanted it to be noticed so all staff would see it and members too, If a Mod feels it SHOULD be there, So be it.

I wanna take alittle time to Acknowledge and thank the forum staff, This being the Mods, Admins, owner, Magazine crew, Cheats people, EVERYONE! (So sorry if i missed an important one, your thanked to XD)

Cause without them, There wouldnt be a good community like we have now, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being apart of this community, and look forward to watching it grow even better.

All these guys put alot of hours into helping all of us with our problems and are alot of fun to talk to! Especially Toni! XD
Each Staff member brings a new element to the forum and its nice to see.
I'd like to add a few things for selected staff.

Toni Plutonij - I enjoy reading your posts, Make me laugh all the time, Smart and Classic at times

Another World - From what ive Seen of you, Really good work updating all that Homebrew News!
Thordrian - You scare me XD, in a good way though! You remind me of the Tough guy at schools and such
mthrnite - Helpful in General, Helped me with alot of things clarifying and ALWAYS willing to help

Ace Gunman - Your just generally the man.

I dont really see much of the other ones around as i tend to stick to the NDS section, But i know you guys also help with the site and make it a cool place!
I look forward to spending more time in our little "family"

So from me to you:
Thank you Ace Gunman, Costello, dice, djgarf, jumpman17, lilsypha, mthrnite, Narin, Opium, shaunj66, Gaisuto, phuzzz, Rayder, Sinkhead , The Teej, Thordrian, Toni Plutonij, Zarcon, Another World, Chanser, FAST6191, Minox_IX, thieves like us, War, WildWon and TempBot!
Sorry if this List is wrong XD Its what was on the site!

I would like to ask if any other tempers would like to Thank any staff, I think its quite a cool thing and what they do shouldnt be taken for granted, they all have lives but they give alittle time each day to come on and talk to us!

Thanks team!
-Jordan (Outgum)

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