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    Ok so im new to the acekard and ds hacking world, (im used to psp custom firmware and hacking lol) but anyway, i want to know, my dsi has firmware 1.4U, im getting an acekard, my question is, how do i make it work on my dsi. Ive also heard of AKAIO, and like, how would i get both of those, would i install the 1.4 update and then install AKAIO OR would i install AKAIO and then patch it using my friends ds lite, also , for the installation of AKAIO, what do i need other than the files, like does AKAIO install regardless of the official firmware on the acekard itself. Please i need help, because this is soooo different from the psp.
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    You would need to flash the acekard 2i with a non dsi to allow it to be ran on 1.4x. AKAIO is a custom firmware and just look on the main portal for its latest release as it was only yesterday. [​IMG] AKAIO is placed on the sd card. Do not put the ofw on the msd. [​IMG]