Acekard 2i updated. Need help

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by jewels01, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Sep 13, 2011
    Hi I HAVE A dsi ON 1.3e and just used an update (in rom format) from acekard website (ak2ifw_update_3ds21_DSi143). I ran it and it said inished please reboot. Ihdid this and the logo now says DORASU. When i click this it says loading for a second then goes black. Any help would be appreciated on how to put right.
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    you have not provided enough information for anyone to help you.

    1. do you have a msd in your card
    2. was the msd formatted with the panasonic formatter
    3. did you put akaio 1.8.8 on the msd
    4. did you install akaio correctly
    5. have you previously had any contact issues with your acekard
    6. have you previously had any contact issues with your msd card
    7. if your ak is "newer" did you verify the anti-counterfeit code on
    8. what hwid is your acekard (44 or 81)

    9. if everything is set up correctly and it is still not working then try reflashing the bootloader again

    -another world
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    Why did you update it in the first place?