Acekard 2i doesn't boot after update

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by GenericGirlName, Jun 12, 2012.

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    I used my DSi (1.4.3) to update my acekard 2i. I booted up the update .nds file, pressed start, it loaded all the way, and told me to reboot. Then I updated Akaio and neither of my DSs can boot the flashkart (3DS 4.1.0-8U, DSi 1.4.3). The 3DS shows the ak2i logo with the website under it, the DSi shows a blank kart, both don't load.

    So I'm pretty sure the problem was that the update somehow didn't work? But I didn't check the flashkart after the update, I just went and changed the firmware, so I can't be sure if its akaio, though i doubt it. Is there a way to fix this?
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    Yeah sounds like the update didn't apply fully.
    You'll want to use the "updating multiple carts" option, by starting the update in another flash cart and then putting the messed-up AK2i in so the update re-applies to it.
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    If that doesnt work, try downloading the files from the official AKAIO site and manually adding the new stuff.
  4. GenericGirlName

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    Oh. Well, since I don't happen to have another acekard, and I cant find my DSlite, I guess this is a bust >_>;

    I don't understand, I have been manually adding the akaio files. The problem is the firmware for the acekard itself, which I don't think can be updated in that way.
  5. Another World

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    sadly, the ak2i requires you to flash a large bootloader which contains an icon for a legit game and a bit of data for the same game. both are used to spoof the first 2 checks of the dsi/3ds in ds-mode. there is no other way to flash a bootloader update than the steps outlined in the article rydian linked to.

    some users have found a friend to help them out. perhaps you know someone with a ds lite and a flash card. it should only take about 1 minute to complete, so you wouldn't be inconveniencing anyone.

    some of the newer designed flash kits (like the ds two) can often be updated by just dropping on a new data file. others can be reflashed using a dongle. the ak2i is strictly an old school design, and there is no way around that.

    -another world
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