Acekard 2i bricked and Xpertron

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hi all,

    I recently bought an Acekard 2i for my DSi from Xpertron.
    At first, all appeared to be working fine. I installed the Acekard firmware, Moonshell and a few game backups. All seemed to be fine.
    Then one evening, I powered my DSi on to see a message saying that a probem occured and the Acekard firmware wouldn't start.
    I fiddled a bit with the cart and the Flash card. It then started again...
    I wasn't too sure what firmware was on my DSi, although I hadn't knowingly updated since I purcahsed it about 3 weeks ago. So I thought I'd better apply the update for 1.4 compatibility.
    Downloaded it, stuck it on the card and run it. Simple. Apart from the fact that my Progress status stayed at 0% and after 30 minutes, nothing else had happened. So I ended up having to restart, hoping that the original firmware had not been erased yet. It had!!! [​IMG]

    I tried to contact Xpertron to organize a return for replacement. A week later and no feedback from them.
    The phone number on their website doesn't answer. I once got an answer phone and left a message with my contact details. Still nothing.
    Has anybody ever had to return something back to them and been successful?
    I am not sure yet whether this is a one man band and he's on holiday this week but I'm getting concerned that I've just wasted my hard earned cash with them...

    Regarding my bricked card, I read that it can be recovered if I run the DSL firmware update using a working Acekard on a DSL, eject the card and insert the bricked one in.
    Does anybody know if the firmware update executable can also be executed from another Flash cart like a Hyper R4i, EZ Vi...?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    You posted in the GBA section. You should post in the NDS section under Acekard.
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    Sep 12, 2009
    Sorry, it was my first post on this forum. I'll open a new thread in the NDS section...