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    I've had my Acekard 2 (not a 2i) for a few years now and a year or two ago, it stopped working. Essentially what happened is that when I try to boot it through the DS menu, it just immediately gives me a FAT Error. I've tried multiple SD cards formatted to FAT16 and FAT32, with the original Acekard firmware and the AKAIO firmware, and it always gives me FAT ERROR which leads me to believe that the cartridge itself is busted.

    Now as I understand it there are some models of Acekard 2s that are defective and would end up giving FAT Errors after some time but I used it for at least a year or two before it gave out.
    However on account of not being able to use it I can't verify which version of the cartridge I have. All I can tell you is this:
    • It uses a SST 39VF1681;
    • The PCB is green;
    • there's a bump on the sticker
    So I don't know if it's one of the defective models or no. It was a gift from someone who went abroad and I guess picked it up at some random pawn shop, so who knows what the origin is.
    Is there anything that can be done at all, or should I give up and look into getting another model? Are there models which are 3DS compatible?
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    The microSD slot likely starting to wear out and the microSD is not contacting the pins. This can in some cases you just need to pop out the microSD and reinsert it a few times.