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    Hi, i just recently purchased a Acekard 2.1 for my DS. What are some slot 2 cards are available that are compatible with the Acecard 2.1 for playing gba games? I also have an original DS so are some cards like the ez flash 3 in 1 not compatible with the old Ds? Also is playing gba games as simple as installing a slot 2 device and selecting the gba rom from the menu?

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    Why not get a GBA-size EZ Flash 3 in1. They are a bit rarer but they do exist. I accidently got one once and it was fine for my CycloDS (but returned it after). Never tried an Acecard 2.1. In fact, the rumble for it is very quiet compared the the smaller version and the official Nintendo Rumble Pack.
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    First off, hello! I'm new here, so I've little knowledge as to what types of questions you forum-frequents are growing weary of... Though I imagine one of them would be "Where can I download ROMs?" Luckily, I already know where to download ROMs, so you can put your flamethrowers down. [​IMG]

    How do I play GameBoy Advance ROMs on my DS Lite using my AK2.1 + EZ3in1?

    Story-time: Okay, so I own both the Acekard 2.1 (with 8GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra MicroSD-HC) and the "EZ-Flash V" 3-in-1 Expansion Pack (128MB RAM, GBA, Browser, Rumble) for my Nintendo DS Lite.

    The Acekard works great, aside from the occasional freeze. It runs commercial NDS ROMs as well as "Homebrew" .nds files, without having to manually DLDI-patch. Emulators for basically every system (ColecoVision, NES, SNES, GB/GBC, Sega Genesis and Sega GameGear) work without a hitch. Wi-Fi works, Download-Play works. Basically, the Acekard works perfectly.

    I just recently picked up the 3-in-1, but am totally clueless as to how to use it. I've loaded "Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World (U).gba" into a folder called "GameBoy Advance" in the root directory of my MicroSD card. When I booted the DS, I opened the folder but the file wasn't there. So I opened the Start menu and looked around the options, etc, and found "Show file types." NDS was selected, so I scrolled through and found ALL, selected that, hit save, and rebooted. Now the file shows. When I try to load it the Slot-1 activity monitor icon flashes a few times quickly (the icon stops pulsing for that time as well) and then it all goes back to normal; the icon resumes pulsing and the activity monitor icon stops. If I try to load it again, the same thing happens.

    When I go to the root of the menus (where it lists MicroSD Card and Slot2 Card) I choose Slot2 Card and it says "Error No GBA Card, There is no device in Slot-2."

    When I remove my Acekard 2.1 and go to the "actual" DS main menu (with the ticking clock, Pictochat, and DS Download-Play) it has both slots grayed out with the text, "There is no DS Card/Game Pak inserted."

    On a side note, there don't seem to be any options/patches in my AK Start menu that relate to Slot-2 functions (ie Rumble Strength, etc...), which I -THOUGHT- I saw at some point before... Maybe I'm confused though, as I had a bit of play-time with an EZ-Flash V slot-1 device a few months back, and perhaps I'm meshing the memories...

    Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance (no pun intended) for any replies.
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    I'm not sure, but this sort of sounds like you haven't got the Unofficial AKAIO firmware, but the official one, which can't see the newer type of EZ3in1. AKAIO can be easily found here at GBAtemp in the Acekard section - and greatly enhances the functionality of the AK2.

    And I must say, I haven't seen a better first post. *takes off hat*
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    Thanks SO much!! [​IMG]

    I just updated to 1.4.1[PROPER].
    I can now load the ROM directly from the "GameBoy Advance" folder I made, and it seems to work perfectly.

    Also, I love the new menu font! *drool*

    Thanks again,
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    Thanks, I had the same question. I wish more people on this forum were as helpful!