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    Apr 29, 2011

    I have an NDS Lite. I am looking at getting a flashcart for it. I have looked around the forums here and I think I know enough now to make a relatively okay decision on what to buy.

    I was thinking about a AceKard as they seem to be pretty cheap and do everything I will want (I think anyways). The only thing I dont know is:

    Should I get a AceKard 2.1 or an AceKard 2i? What is the difference between them in relation to a NDSLite? Does the 2i get updated more or should I get a 2i just incase I ever get a better model of DS further down the line, as the price difference between them isnt very much.

    Also, I can see from these forums what card you get very much depends on preference, Am I missing a better opertunity by going with the AceKard? I am willing to spend more money on it if its going to give me better compatibility / better updates e.c.t.

    What it seems like to me is the CycloDS and the SuperCard are the best but costs 2x the price. (Sorry if this is wong, its just my first impression) I dont think I need all the features they offer anyway.

    I am sure this stuff must get asked 100x a week so I can see people getting annoyed that I just added another one.. I tried to read up on it as much as I could.

    Thanks for any replies..

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    you wont get an answer with that question as i cant figure out what you want it for?

    if you just want to do homebrew get a games n music and walmart.... if you want to put a pirate patch on i suggest the acekard 2.1 wich is the 2i no diff... it pirates and anti pirate pirates and does homebrew for cheap as shit..... just get the acekard as it does everything the other carts do cept the menu . the dstwo has a menu that is like iphone but cost more and does technically the same as an acekard..
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    Both share the same system software, the difference is that the 2i can be used on the DSi/XL and 3DS, while the 2.1 cannot.
    As you can see from these charts, your assessment was correct. There are carts like the Cyclo and DSTwo that offer more features for a higher price, but they're often features people won't use.