AC IV PS3 to PS4

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  1. I just got assassins creed iv black flag for ps3. I made a similar thread while back, but did the digital upgrade expire 1/31 or does it end today 3/31? I haven't opened it, that's why I'm asking.
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    I forgot
  3. I was able redeem it yesterday(3/31) at 9 PM so everything worked out. Plus the game only cost $24 anyway :)
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    lol 10 bucks on Wiiu, also just as bad as AC3 in my book, maybe a little better, but still crap game.
  5. I didn't mind AC3 as much as others. I liked the setting and got really engrossed with the story, actually liking Desmond for once. The only stuff I didn't like that much was the glitches and the over saturation of content