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    I've been holding off on installing A9LH + Luma because I've been okay with just leaving my console in sleep mode with Menuhax/ Luma. I was hoping that gateway would provide a more streamlined process for A9LH, but after reading nearly all of pages of the thread regarding Gateway's A9LH update that is not the way to go. I am finally ready to make the switch to A9LH. I have a O3DS with 9.2 sysnand and 10.7.0-22U (emunand + Luma) and a N3DS with 9.2 sysnand and 10.7.0-22E (Bought a non-XL pal version from amazon.fr).

    So, onto my questions!

    1.) Since I have emunand + CFW already setup Can I skip to part 4 of Plailect guide?

    2.) Should I update to 11.0 emunand? Or stay on 10.7?

    3.) My N3DS has 80GB worth of games installed, will I have to reinstall them?

    4.) I remember reading somewhere that patching the abg_firm and twl_firm can cause issues when downgrading to 2.1. Would formatting my sysnand and emunand fix that?

    5.) Is there anything else I should note before I start?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1. Yes, the Get Started section, tells you this:
    "If you already have a CFW setup on any version between 9.0.0 and 9.2.0, change menuhax to type 1, set your menuhax trigger to D-Pad down, then start the guide at Part 4. Note that anywhere "RedNAND" is mentioned, you can pretend it says "EmuNAND" instead as they are very similar and the instructions will be the same other than that."

    2. Stay on 10.7, as you avoid having to use the NTR firmware.bin that's required if you're on 11.0 emunand.

    3. You shouldn't have to at all, but backup your SD Card and backup your save files using your favorite Save Manager if you want to be safe.

    4. Have you ever manually patched abg_firm and twl_firm? If yes, then just restore the originals, Luma3DS' Wiki describes how to do this.
    Link: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Lum...stalled-a-patched-agbtwl-firm-cia-in-the-past

    5. Read, ask questions if you're lost, and don't rush the process.
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