A2i vs DSTwo - Contact Issues

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    Nov 3, 2012
    So my DSi is at this point practically unable to register that my Acekard 2i is inserted in Slot 1 (in some rare cases it does after some finicking, but it usually freezes in-game afterwards). I believed at first that my model was defect, or that I'd simply been handling it too rough (it had worked perfectly for the first few months I'd used it), but looking into it it seems that this issue is quite common with this particular flashcart.

    Now, I've come across a fix for this - the so-called "paper-trick" - but it sounds to me like a cheap and unreliable solution. So I thought maybe I ought to just go ahead and buy a new flashcart. I was wondering then, if anybody has experienced similar problems with the Supercard DSTwo (or the R4i for that matter, as my homebrew/emulation needs are basically non-existant) or if I can safely go ahead and buy it without having to live in fear of my game crashing at the slightest interference.

    Or am I completely wrong - is the paper-trick a foolproof solution to my worries? I have been perfectly satisfied with my Acekard 2i otherwise, so I'm not super-keen on buying a new one, but I am willing to pay extra if I can be guaranteed that there exists an error-free product.
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    Dec 4, 2009
    There's always a chance with any flashcart that you will suffer with a contact issue, it's just that the acekard is well known for them.
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    Yes, the paper-trick does work in most situations, and you should probably try that first before buying a new one, as it did solve my contact problems.
    Otherwise, if for some reason the paper-trick doesn't do the trick (heh!) for you, I've never heard of any with the DS2 and (maybe?) few with the R4.
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    Nov 5, 2012