A way to backup my MHX save files ?

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    Dec 7, 2015
    Hello there

    I have a new3ds 10.3 with mhx that I paid, so it is not a .cia
    but with this, i can't play online bc it needs the latest update ( i can't download this, because it is only in the japanese eshop )

    so i wanted to downgrade my n3ds, then install a cfw in order to install the latest update

    but to do that, i need to format my sd card, unfortunately, the save files of mhx are in my sd card too, and Ireally don't want to erase my mhx save file, I have already played like 150 hours

    so i wanted to backup my save file, unfortunately, svdt doesn't work with mhx, the only save manager which works with mhx, is savedatafiller, but in order to use it, i need to install a CIA, which can be installed only with a cfw, so i can't

    is there an other solution which can help me to backup my mhx save file ? thanks

    ps : sorry if my english is bad, i don't speak this language fluently