A question on tranfering content to another console

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    Well it's well known that we are going to be able to transfer our old DSi Ware over to our 3DS. Now my 3DS is broken(like the upper screen is shitten; the camera's are dead) But I need to sell my DSi XL. But I want to hold some of my DSi Ware! So I thought is it possible to bring over my DSi Ware to my old 3DS and then bring it over from my old 3DS to my new 3DS? Could this be possible. Nintendo of the Netherlands is unreachable so I wanted to ask ik here instead of asking Nintendo.
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    You have to the the DSiWare on the original DSi in order to transfer it to the 3DS. I think you would be able to transfer them to busted 3DS, trade the XL to get a new one, and then transfer from everything to the new 3DS but Im not sure. There is a system transfer option in the system settings menu on the 3DS, but I don't know it is just for DSi to 3DS transfers You are best to get in contact with Nintendo about this.