A question for my son's Acekard.

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Talfuchre, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Talfuchre

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    May 22, 2011
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    My Son's have a DSi and a DSi XL I have Acekards for both of them and keep their firmware and software current (I just loaded 1.9.0 on both). One has saved all summer to get a 3DS XL and I want to change his acekard over to work on the 3DS platform.

    Here are my questions:

    1) Do I need to change the firmware on my AceKard? (it is for Dsi and 3DS and I keep the firmware updated).

    2) Do 3DS games roms work on the 3DS in 3D mode? (For some reason I beleived that 3DS roms did not work in 3D mode on the Acekard)

    Thanks for all your help - I lurk here a lot and get a lot of answers to keep my roms working and my kids happy. Thanks to this community.

  2. chavosaur

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    3ds roms will not work on an acekard, as the acekard only runs in ds mode. As for your other question you should be able to keep the same firmware without any troubles, but Im not totally sure. Im sure someone will answer that question really soon.
  3. bowser

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    3DS roms do not work on the Acekard (or any other flashcart) at all. There is no flashcart in existence today that can play 3DS game roms.
  4. ComeTurismO

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    What a great father you are! Although I wish I had one. For now, the 3DS doesn't play 3DS roms on a DSI/DSL/DS flashcard. It is recommended to change the firmware because it patches games problems, & other stuff. Keep visiting acekards website and gbatemp for firmware updates
  5. Luigi2012SM64DS

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Nothing plays 3ds roms. with 3d or without.
    As for the acekard working or not we are not sure but there may be a chance because the dsi xl had the same frimware.
  6. s4mid4re


    Apr 2, 2011
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    To make your ak2i run on the latest 3ds or dsi firmware, you have to update the bootloader. It's not the same as updating akaio firmware, which will only affect compatibility to games. The 3ds xl is prone to be released with a future 3ds firmware though, so you'll have to wait until said future 3ds firmware is fixed with a new bootloader update. You can check around gbatemp or acekard's official website for future updates.

    Just keep the above links bookmarked so that you can come back to them when the XL is out.
  7. Talfuchre

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    May 22, 2011
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    Thanks so much people. EXACTLY the information I was looking for. I saw 3DS roms available but thought that It could not be played.

    1) I did not understand the distinction between being able to play them AT ALL - or being able to play them in DSi mode. That makes sense.

    2) I did not realize that the boot loader was different from the Firmware. I had been conflating those two - although I have upgraded both the boot loader and the Firmware on Acekards before. I have the latest version of both saved on my hard drive.

    3) I did not think that the 3DS XL may have a different firmware that may not be exploited yet.

    I now understand these things and know what I need to do when my son's game consol comes.

    To my Canadian friend above - I try to be a good dad. It is tough bro. There is no manual that comes with kids - that is for sure! ;)