A PSA about modded AC:NL towns and the amiibo update

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    So I'm sure many people here have the amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'm also sure many of you have modded your towns to have things like buildings close to the water or doors to main street in the main area. However, having the doors to mainstreet screw up the map, and the doors no longer work as intended. You cannot enter them and they are completely invisible, but the hitbox is still there. Tapping the area they are in on the map either freezes the game or shows a random name. It also seemed to mess up Tom Nooks house placing rules as he placed a tent for a new profile in the area of the campgroud (as in the area where villagers had tents pre-update, not the new trailer park). So this is a warning to remove the modded doors before you update. Since I already made the mistake of updating I have lost hours of play due to the game freezing on the modded buildings. I was wondering if any modding tools have been updated for the update as well. In the meantime I will constantly save my game to avoid data loss.
    Attached below is a video showing the problems I am having, apologies for the low quality, I only have a 2DS so I can't stream video with NTR: HNI_0049.JPG unable to access mail due to tent