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    It's time to breathe some new life into the 3DS's predecessor: @shutterbug2000 has just shared a new Nintendo DSi exploit with the community! Called Memory Pit, this release takes advantage of a vulnerability found inside the Camera app to run unsigned code on your device. This makes it compatible with all DSi models, as it works under the latest firmware and also doesn't require any external application to be installed (unlike FlipNote Lenny, for example)! Memory Pit is also very easy to install and run, as it only requires you to copy some files to your SD card and then open the Album inside the Camera app on your console. Keep in mind, however, that booting Unlaunch directly through it won't work: you will have to use HBMenu to launch it instead.

    You can download it by going to its official thread (linked below).

    :arrow: Official GBAtemp thread
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