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    Dec 25, 2015
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    I doubt anyone here has heard of Gloom , so let me explain what it is , Gloom is a side scrolling Hack n`Slash for the Pc that is partially inspired by Lovecract and the Soul series . In the game players explore a randomly generated world , seeking the pages of the Necrominion . Players can find a large amount of weapons and tools each with their own playstyle to adapt to . Weapons include everything from fast melee swords , to slow broadaxes , to flamethrowers and firearms.


    Also seen in the trailers are the game`s odd enemies , ranging from huge Ram like creatures , to unfrieldy flora , to humanoid lizards .

    Also very notable is the games bleak artstyle . depicting the protagonist fighting shadowy creatures among the grey backdrops of ruins , foggy woods , and fiery wastelands .


    Gloom is a roguelike , and its difficulty will be dictated by how well the player uses the weapons and tools they have in combat .
    No matter what, though, the game’s monsters will put up a challenging fight as players roll and dodge to avoid their attacks.

    Though the gameplay will change on each run due to the games randomized elements , the developer promises that each run will be beatable .

    Gloom will release in spring 2017 . for the Pc , Mac and Linux
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