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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by ocramreip, May 26, 2009.

  1. ocramreip

    ocramreip Newbie

    Hi to all,

    I've just bought a Supercard DS One(i) some days ago and I've installed the firmware OS3.0 SP6. Then, yesterday, I noticed that the new SP7 came out.
    Now here is my little question: if I want to upgrade to the new firmware version, but I want to mantain all my supercard settings (like menus appearances, patch options for games, and so on) do I have to not overwrite some files during the upgrade procedure? Which ones?

    Many thanks in advance for the answer!
  2. vitius

    vitius Newbie

    Dec 19, 2008
    I'm pretty sure that most (if not all) options are kept in the global.ini file so make sure to keep a backup of that.
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