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  1. wiin00b22

    OP wiin00b22 Newbie

    Apr 19, 2009
    Ok i've tried every usb iso loader there is but it never rips my backups only originals the only backup it did rip was HOTD:Overkill and that disc doesnt show up on the wii disc channel otherwise whenever i try to rip a backup on any usb iso loader it gives me the error "wbfs panic : malloc cert"

    .And my other problem is i installed wbfs manager 1.0 on my Vista laptop but whenevr i try formatting or loading my Westerd Digital 320GB passport essential hdd it always says

    "An error occured while attempting to format the drive:could not get the drive geometry:No error wbfs windows port build 'delta' Warning ALL data on drive 'E' will be lost irretrivably" when i try to format it to wbfs

    & "Error occured while loading entries" when i try to load it(i formatted it through the usb loader app) but still no good


    I'm on cIOS rev9 i used the .wad installation
    and im running Windows vista home premium [​IMG]
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