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    No introduction.. just rapidfire questions. :P

    - Everytime I try to load "The Homebrew Channel" from within USBLGX it loads up the disclaimer screen for the Hackmii installer instead. I'm not sure what's happening here.

    - In the Loader Settings of USBLGX I have "Return To - USB Loader GX" set as my Global default. The problem is that everytime I exit out of an app it automatically returns me to the Wii Menu instead of USBLGX. What am I doing wrong?

    - Are there any settings for the "Homebrew Launcher" GUI? I'd like to know if I can change it so that I can view more than 4 icons per page. Also, it's listing a lot of duplicate icons. It appears that it's listing every single boot.dol file found on my SD card. Sometimes I save alternate versions of an apps boot.dol within a created subfolder. Is there a way to make it look for the boot.dol's that are ONLY within the main apps folders?

    - Most of the channels installed on my Nand are basic Forwarders. They are all visible from within USBLGX, although they don't all seem to work. They work fine when loading the app from Wii Menu, but not from within USBLGX. I assume this is a problem with the Forwarders and not USBLGX. I'm just curious as to why the Forwarder seems to work fine in one environment and not in the other. What could be causing this?

    - UPDATED: If I were to use Priiloader to boot the Wii directly into USBLoaderGX, how complicated would it then be return to the Wii's Menu? Would it be as simple as just exiting out of USBLGX? (YES! Press "Home > Exit > Wii Menu" and it returns you to the menu!) Or, would exiting out cause the Wii to automatically reload right back into USBLGX because of the priiloader settings?

    Any clarification would be much appreciated.
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