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    Nov 8, 2018

    I have a couple of questions regarding softmodding and use of EmuNand & other things with my Wii.
    I tried googling but I couldn't answer all my questions through searches.

    So firstly, I have a few goals, or well ultimately one. I want to soft mod my Wii and use a HDD to play games. Alongside, I also want to run NES/SNES ROMs using the Homebrew Emulators but I want to use my main 1TB HDD for this, rather than my 2GB SD Card (as its small :)). I also want to find out more about EmuNand. I'll break up this in questions;

    What I've done till now;
    - Installed HomeBrew Channel & did a BootMii NAND Backup and saved it on my PC (IOS not boot2 unfortunately).
    - Installed PriiLoader

    1. I understand what an EmuNand is in basics, but my understanding is confused, so can I be given a short info on what it is? Or maybe a link to a page explaining it.
    2. Will the EmuNand give me brick protection? I do not have boot2, so basically here is what I think, Is EmuNand essentially another OS/HDD for the Wii? And If I use it, I do not affect too much of SysNAND/WiiNand yes?
    3. Now, I want to run .WBFS games off my 1TB HDD ++ Play WiiWare (I got a pile of .wad of these) from same HDD ++ Play NES/SNES/Sega/N64 and others using my HDD. I just want to store their ROMs in my HDD. || So, how do I partition my HDD for all these activities? Can I even do it on 1 HDD alone or do I need multiples?

    I've read that FAT32 is the best option for USB Loaders and accessing it using PC and other stuff, so Is that sufficient for all my three goals too? Do I need to partition my HDD and split it for three differing things or not?

    I know it's quite messy and all over the place but I just kept getting more confused the more I searched the web. Looking for help.

    Thank you.