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    Sep 8, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Hello! My name is Bug_ and I am a semi-active member of the 3ds section of the forums and I have a few questions about the psvita homebrew and hacking community...

    1.) should I get a psvita along side my fbi 11.8 3ds (which I have homebrewed the heck out of)
    2.) which psvita is the fastest model (or best overall)
    3.) can the psvita do more than the psp?
    4.) How much does a full fbi-style homebrew for the psvita cost?
    5.) what can a psvita do?
    6.) what can a psvita emulate?
    7.) can it get games for free like the 3ds does with .cia files
    8.) what is a recommended sd card size (and links - though id need an adapter for microsd to normal sd because my laptop has a normal sd adapter.)(links appreciated)
    9.) will the psvita get banned / bricked?
    10.) what guide should I use to homebrew the vita, and as mentioned earlier which type of homebrew should I do?

    Many, many *many* thanks,
    Bug_ (his main account)
  2. Tom Bombadildo

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    1) Sure, if you want to play Vita/PSP/PS1 games on the go.

    2) There is no "fastest", all models have the same hardware specs. The first gen model has an OLED but a shorter battery life and no internal storage. The 2000 model has a slightly longer battery life, 1GB internal storage, and uses a standard micro USB cable to charge, but has a lesser quality LCD screen. The Vita TV isn't portable, it's just a Vita shoved into a box, so you miss out on the 3 or 4 games that 100% require touchscreen/back touchpad input that doesn't have a workaround. It also has 1GB of internal storage, but you can plug in a USB HDD or thumb drive instead of having to use a Vita memory card/SD2Vita. I've seen HDDs up to 2TB work, some claim 3-4TB work fine as well but I can't find any confirmation on those.

    3) If you consider playing Vita games as "more", then sure. Otherwise, probably not all that much. Vita homebrew essentially consists of a couple nice plugins, and the standard collection of emulators you get with any hacked device nowadays, a couple ports of Doom and Duke Nukem and Quake and such, and that's kinda it.

    4) No idea what you mean by this. If you're referring to cost of the device, Vita prices vary widely depending on model, location and where you buy from. At this point, any brand new Vita will have a hackable firmware on it (3.60-3.68), and you shouldn't buy a used one unless the owner can confirm it's not on 3.69. Generally can be anywhere from $50-$150 in the US, but it depends. OLEDs tend to be the more expensive, and the Vita TV is usually found for super cheap everywhere. For an SD2Vita (which allows you to use a standard micro SD card in the game slot of the Vita), cost is pretty much $1-3, also depending on where you buy it from. China you can find them for $1, elsewhere it'll be more.

    5) Play Vita games, Vita hombrew, PSP games, PSP homebrew, PS1 games, various emulators, etc.

    6) Essentially PS1 and lower, not counting N64 (besides the PSP N64 emu, there's no native Vita emu currently), plus GBA, and PSP games play natively.

    7) Yes, kind of. There are a few different types of dumps, most of which are outdated though. VPK dumps (which are outdated) are like CIA files, you transfer them to your Vita and install them using the VitaShell file manager. Maidumps (also kinda outdated) are a tad different, they're basically folders that you transfer to a mai folder on your Vita, and then use a homebrew app to install them. Then there's PSVGameSD, which are full, unmodified dumps. AFAIK, there's still no real way to play these easily for end users, these are more for archival purposes. And then there's NoNpDRM, which is the most recent kind of dump which is what you want to you 99% of the time. For NoNpDRM games, you can just use pkgj, which is like Freeshop on the 3DS. Just install it, add the URLs for games (which we can't share here), and then you can download and install games from the app on the Vita itself.

    8) Whatever size you want. If you plan to put a lot of games on it, buy a bigger SD card. There's currently no limit to size you can put in an SD2Vita card.

    9) Nobody has ever been banned by Sony for hacking their Vita since Henkaku released ~2 years ago. Whether or not Sony doesn't care, can't detect it, or is just waiting to ban everyone is 100% unknown. If you don't want to get your main PSN banned, don't use your main PSN account. Regarding bricks, the only time you'll brick is if you purposely try to brick your Vita, either by fucking with system partitions (which you have to essentially enable RW on to do), or by downloading known brickers.

    10) https://vita.hacks.guide/ Regarding homebrew, you'll want to get Adrenaline (which is a full ePSP mode CFW), VitaShell (which is the a file manager, forked from Molecular Shell with way more features), Storagemgr (which handles mount points for the SD2Vita, and any other memory devices you might have) and NoNpDRM (a plugin used for playing pirated games), anything else depends on your interests.
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  3. FamousAlt

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    Sep 14, 2018
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    Id rather go for the lcd display if its cheaper, and will i be able to get free games on it (such as freedon wars littlebig planet bl2 and others)
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