A bit of doom 2 XBLA hacking.

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    For the DS or wii this would probably be considered a trivial hack and probably not be posted but as I spent a few minutes pulling it apart I thought I would document the process/format in an extremely half arsed fashion (probably no screenshots and certainly no tools) and post it here. A note- this 360 port features some more levels over the original (albeit not by ID) and if you really wanted you could find them elsewhere online (naturally no help from this forum on the matter) which are apparently compatible out of the box with various PC updates/ports/remakes/forks. While I did do the following I am far from the first person to do it.

    All numbers not labelled as decimal are hexadecimal.

    First step is to pull apart the 360 file- le fluffie ( http://skunkiebutt.com/?page_id=362 - page search download app) sorts this easily enough and there are many more.

    From here we have a bunch of PNG images (achievement images), some XML files and most importantly the default.xex (xex is the standard 360 executable format although it does have some fair container type abilities unlike the PE format (exe files among others)) and doom2.disk

    doom uses wad files (not the same as the wii extension/format) and this disk file is not one. The start of it does have ASCII readouts of files in there though which include a few midi files.

    Searching for the "4D54686400000006" aka the start of every midi header ( http://faydoc.tripod.com/formats/mid.htm ) brings up several results, the first two are
    midi at least is end to end with no padding/alignment. I ripped one out of it with my hex editor (mainly to test/confirm no additional compression)- worked fine.

    They are 1d87 apart
    Looking before the names in the header (spaces added just to make it a bit easier to read)
    0124B158 003A494F
    015EFAA7 00001D87
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    Here's the method to get the extra episode/levels as a pWAD:

    1.) Copy the Arcade Game to a USB stick on the Xbox 360.

    2.) Get the Xtaf USB Explorer.

    3.) Connect the USB stick to your PC.

    4.) Use the Open Disk menu option.

    5.) Locate the 32MB large DOOM2:XBLA file and Extract it to Disc.

    6.) Open the extracted file with wxPirs.

    7.) Extract a file called Doom2.disk (This Contains all relevant Game Data).

    8.) Open Doom2.disk with a Hex editor and search for the string PWAD.

    Extract everything from PWAD to the last SECTORMAP, and save this data as 'NRFTL.WAD'.
    Select "Dump Binary Data", select the "Start Offset" as 0124F2A0, select the "Ending Offset" as 01C59677, and save the file with the name of "NRFTL.WAD".

    10.) Load the pWAD up with the 1.9 version Doom2.wad in your limit-removing source port of choice. (ie - ZDoom, PrBoom, Boom)

    Please note that the secret exit of level 4 will not put you to Level 9 unless a MAPINFO lump appropriate to your port of choice is used. An example is available here, but does not specify music or sky.