4.0U to 4.0E

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  1. Leussink

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    Apr 17, 2009
    Is it possible to go from 4.0U to 4.0E?
    I tried anyregion changer but it gives an error while i was starting the programm.

    Please let me know....
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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Follow this guide
    Region Change any Wii to 4.1, USA, Euro, Jap, KOR

    Region Change any Wii to 4.1
    USA, Euro, Jap, and Korean

    Works with all wiis
    Works with 4.2 wiis also, even the black ones.

    Warning 4.3 wii, if you follow a guide other than my guide to softmod your wii, you need to remove the stubbed ios70. This is very important, simply install cIOS70-v6174.zip with a wadmanger

    1 wii needing another region
    Needs cIOS
    Read- Softmod ANY wii if needed
    Works with wanikoko's cIOS r14, r17, and base 38 cIOS
    Does not work with base 57 cIOS.
    IOS236 is installed in Step-3 of the above Softmod guide.

    Wii Shop Channel users- If you use the wii shop channel and intend to change the region, you must first go into the wii shop and delete your shop account prior to the region change. If you do not wish to delete your shop account you can not change the region of the shop channel, in this case leave the shop channel setting set to your current region in ARC mod6. If you do not delete the shop acount, you will be unable to access it following the region change of the shop settings.

    For online install-

    For offline install-
    password is QK.Mod
    Extract the 2 part rar to sd:\
    Your card should look like-
    sd:\ios\update41 (needed for offline install)

    Load HBC- launch ARCmod06_Offline
    Select ios236- press A (or ios249 r14, r17 or if base 38 was used)
    Read the WARNING- press 1

    ARC mod has two parts-
    Edit Region Settings:
    This lets you change individual settings
    System Menu 4.1 Installer:
    This lets you set all settings to USA, Europe, Japan, or Korea.
    And installs System Menu 4.1 for that region.

    Online and offline install is supported.
    ARC mod defaults to offline install if sd:\ios is present.

    Use the wiimote, go down to-"system menu 4.1 installer"
    Select "System Menu Region"
    Change the region to USA, Europe, Japan, or Korea
    Go down to "Auto set from System Menu Region" -Press A
    "WARNING: AREA: SysMenu MISMATCH!" will appear above- this is normal

    Go down to "Install System Menu 4.1" -Press A
    "Are you want to again save?" -Select YES, press A
    "Are you sure you want to install System Menu 4.1" -Select YES, press A
    Ios31 installs (for RgnSel & EULA)
    Ios60 installs- select YES to patch with trucha bug and ES_Identify patches
    Select #2 to use Waninkoko's version .
    SM 4.1 installs

    "Are you want to install RgnSel + EULA" -Select YES, press A

    "Are you want to install Shopping Channel-V18?" -Select YES/NO, press A
    Ios61 installs(for Shop Channel)- Select NO to Trucha Patch,

    "Installation complete!"
    "Press any key to continue"

    ARC mod- main menu loads.
    All settings should match the installed system menu
    The "WARNING: AREA: SysMenu MISMATCH!" error should no longer be displayed
    Verify, verify, verify- make sure all info is correct
    Exit To HBC
    Goto- Softmod Any Wii
    Do Steps 5b- 8

    WARNING: This could Brick your wii
    WARNING: This removes Priiloader, it needs to be reinstalled
    WARNING: If you loss power, or pull the plug, your wii will probably brick
    WARNING: It is probably a very bad idea to change a non-Korean wii to the Korean region(?)
    WARNING: Modchip users will need to reconfigure the region settings of their modchip, otherwise disks will not load from the disk channel.
  3. Leussink

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    Apr 17, 2009
    Thx works perfect!