3DSTT Kernel?

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    Hey everyone. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I did a few Google searches but couldn't find what I needed.

    I have the 3DSTT, and I've updated the firmware so that it shows up on my 3DS, but I get that "Loading..." when I try to play a game. Websites say I need the newest Kernel, but I can't seem to find one for 3DS. I tried the one on the main site, 1.17 but to no avail, still have the loading screen. I still have the firmware files on my SD Card, do I need to keep those?

    Thanks for any help, sorry if this question is over-asked.
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    Nov 24, 2010
    well before I fried my card just a few hours ago... I used the this http://www.n3dstt.com/upload/201104/201104140245107825.zip of course this is assuming that the the website that is on your card is n3dstt.com If not never mind.
    In case you are wondering my 3dstt worked fine on my 3ds with version 2.1.0 -4U and dsixl 1.41 and dsi 1.42. All games worked on it just fine including the new releases. I was just having problems with the new kirby and thought I'd load a new menu on it made by retrogamefan (cause someone told me that there was no harm in trying) and it fried my card as the usual spongebob icon does not even appear now... :-(
    Anyway, hope this helps...