Homebrew 3DS XL - Twilight menu latest cheats applying to multiple codes at once? bug?


Oct 1, 2018
United States
Hello, I'm writing because I'm completely at a loss for what the issue is with Twilight Menu and cheat codes. I'm using the absolute latest stable versions of nds bootstrap, twilight menu, and twilight updater ,etc. I've downloaded the latest cheat usr file through twilight updater as well. I'm able to use cheats just fine, I can confirm they work on multiple games. The issue I'm having though, is that when using any theme for twilight menu except Acekard, when toggling on certain cheats like Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of sky - change starter pokemon, it is selecting my choice for BOTH the starter as well as the same choice for the partner code. The codes are two completely different codes, I confirmed by decrypting and checking the code numbers manually. For whatever reason when I toggle one code, it's duplicating that choice for other codes. The same thing happens when I try to choose x8 experience multiplier for Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of sky. It is another instance where changing that value, toggling x4 or x8 for example also changes the code below it to the same value. Changing experience multiplier to x8 seems to change reward money multiplier right below it to x8 as well. I've tried to manually deselect the duplicated value, and set it to what I needed but upon saving, it just reverts to the original dupilcated value.

I'm at a loss so any input would be great.
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