3DS (XL) fixes for layout issues

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    Mar 20, 2013
    I have had both 3DS and 3DS XL for some time now. They are great consoles, but come with some slight issues or design flaws.
    Im going to list easy fixes I have found so far

    3DS lower screen frame leaves marks on upper screen

    Issue: The lower screen frame can in some cases touch the upper screen when the console is closed, leaving marks or after a while even scratches on the upper screen. The rubber space knobs who are supposed to prevent touching don't stick out enough.

    Fix: Put tape below the rubber space knobs on the lower part. Isolating tape works well, as it is somewhat thicker. You have to stack some layers (depending on tape thickness) on top of each other, then cut them into shape and stick below the contact point of the rubber knobs with the lower part of the 3DS. Now the gap between the screens is bigger so the frame will not touch anymore.

    3DS (XL) volume slider problem

    Issue: The volume slider position can cause accidental volume change when playing, especially when using the left shoulder button.

    Fix: Take some scotch tape, cut it horizontally in half or so, to get it in the width of the 3DS (XL) side.
    Now cut one piece of it exactly the length of the volume slider slot. Cut another piece about 4 times longer. Glue the smaller piece reversed in the middle of the longer piece, so that the non-sticking side can cover the volume slot. Now put it over the volume slot like that.
    You can now still move the slider with your fingernail underneath the scotch tape, but it won't move if you just rest your fingers on it.

    3DS XL Select/Home/Start buttons

    Issue: the pressure point of these buttons seems to be awful hard and unresponsive

    Fix: This is rather information, not a fix. The pressure points of these buttons are at the lower edges of these buttons. When you press them right at the edges, they are easy to click and responsive.

    If you have found some other issues with the hardware, or know of an easy way for improvement, ΓΌ
    please post them here.