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    This is a complicated question.

    Awhile ago. (approximently 7 months ago.) I have spent 24 days trying to change my 3ds's region using CTRTransfer. I was successful and it took me a long time to figure it out. But the region installiation for the 3ds took so long...

    CTRTransfer went fine. I changed my 3ds to region Korean. I was able to change it back to United Srates. I have to re-install CTR-transfer. And for un-specific reasons I can't insert and re-insert my SD Card because it is a new 3ds I made a mistake and the 3ds was still on its regular FW. It had the old benfits of the old FW. I have the smaller screen not the extended screen when the 3ds first launched. The 3ds is still fine. I can zoom in and out. I can't use the internet.

    For other reasons to. All I need to do is use CTR-Transfer again to make it work. I'm not worried about online or services used on the game like eshop.
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