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Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by pcgeek52, Feb 27, 2013.

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    For those of you who have had your 3ds repaired, I was wondering how long it took after the repair was finished to receive your console back. I noticed the label was created 2/22 but the 3ds has yet to be received by the UPS facility. Also is it normal after I pay for the repair for the charge to fall of my bank account and when will the charge reappear, after they ship the 3DS?
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    This is where people go when posting things like tutorials, not questions. But I will tell you that normally it takes Nintendo about 2 weeks to ship back a 3DS and about the same to get it, but they make up for this with actually repairing the 3DS on the spot and shipping it back in less then a day in most cases. Ill sent mine back about 3 times (mostly to keep up my warranty so when it does break down im covered :3) and each time its been around the same amount of time.
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    Just as a heads up, UPS tracking isn't always very good. Just because it says they haven't received it yet or that it's not yet been to eastbumblefuk on its way to wherever, doesn't really mean its so. Until it gets delivered, they can sometimes be very laggy about posting updates to the online tracker.
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    Agreed with the above. Sometimes they'll be hours to a day late in updating the info on the site. I'll look one day and it's nothing, and the next day it's suddenly been through seven states over two days.
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