3ds issue plz help

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    Jul 17, 2011
    Hi everyone I have a problem. If your not familiar with the streetpass bug apparently if your 3ds loses power for more then ten seconds then the timepower and datethe resets and you can no longer streetpass with anyone you had got 24 hrs before the power loss. The only way u can fix the problem is by reformatting the console. In june it was reported that the bug was fixed by the system update but it wasn't... anyway this is a real problem for me as my 3dsguess seems to turn itself off when you apply minimal pressure to the space next to the power button or gently drop it on any surface. This turns the entire 3ds power off and soo I get the streetpass bug. This is super annoing as me and my brothers 3ds 's connected a few days ago (have no idealonger how thislong happened) and were working fine until my 3ds did the same thing and now they wont connect again.

    Any ideas or have you had the same problem or is this just cheap manufacturing...