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    I'll try my best to describe what issue i'm having:

    So when I was running NTR CFW with ACNL it kept giving me an exception error. So I tried to delete it but then it came up with "Could not be deleted." I went back to the home menu and all of my games (from freeshop & some from eshop) and Homebrew apps were gone. (All except for the DSiWare stuff) However, when I go to System Settings and check the data, everything is still there (although the aforementioned app I deleted was not there anymore)

    Any solutions on how I get my game & homebrew icons back & running again? Help would be very much appreciated.
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    1. If you're able to do so, use Checkpoint and/or JKSM to back up your game saves and extdata. Copy those back ups to your computer for safety. If the save managers aren't able to create those back ups, you'll instead need to copy your entire 3DS setup from the SD card.

    2. Try these to see if the HOME Menu icons come back.
    Also, be aware there's a 300 titles limit that'll cause HOME Menu icons to disappear (in case you were installing some games and went overboard).

    3. If the icons do not come back, read this thread of someone who experienced this same problem. You'll have restart making a fresh Nintendo 3DS folder, reinstall your 3DS library from scratch, and then restore those saves with whichever save manager you used.
    Before you go about rebuilding your setup, it's highly recommended that you reformat your card in FAT32 + 32 KB cluster size (you may need guiformat for this) and do a Full Write + Verify Test in H2testw while it's empty. This is to determine if the card has any underlying hardware problems. If it passes, copy your original setup that you made in step 1. Check again booting into HOME Menu one last time before deciding to erase the old Nintendo 3DS folder.

    4. After you have your titles reinstalled and if Checkpoint + JKSM didn't work in backing up those saves, you'll have to attempt a different save data restoration method. Study these threads:
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