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    Hello i know this sounds like a noob question but i downloaded the game Laytons Mystery Journey from a 3ds rom site and when i launch it. it wants a Update Now the Question is when i update it will it send the update the Eshop Servers or what? cuz i dont want to lose my NNID
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    No worries, you actually don't even need the game to download updates, you can go on the eShop and download game updates even if you don't have the game, as long as they aren't eShop only games.
    Just don't run homebrew CIAs and VC injects while online, those seem to be the most likely to cause bans, as Nintendo logs everything you run while online (and the last title ran whenever it connects)
    Safer to use Rosalina injected into Download Play and run homebrew through that so Nintendo can't see you running anything out of the ordinary.
    That being said, I've always done those things and even have homebrew set as my favorite title, and I'm yet to be banned. But it's the only thing we know Nintendo is logging that could be used to detect piracy/CFW.
    Anyway, from what I've heard there haven't been 3DS ban waves in a while, make of that what you will.
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    Go to that ISO site