3DS c-stick romhacked support- is it possible?

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    Ever since I got my shiny New 3DS xl and placed my finger on that nub of a c-stick, I've been enamored with the idea of adding support for it in older titles, such as Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

    "But wait! What's the point of a second analog stick in Animal Crossing!?"

    Glad you asked! You see, unlike the frequent proposal of the c-stick being used in games such as OOT3D, which would likely require access to the source code since there's no implementation of analog camera movement, my idea is to simply map the controls of the circle pad to the c-stick.

    Reason? Convenience, really; I've often found myself wishing I could play Animal Crossing one-handed, and the c-stick is in just the right position for this to be possible. The same goes for other casual games, such as Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch, that can be leisurely explored and primarily controlled with the circle pad and the occasional abxy press. Plus one-handed play is especially useful while grinding.

    So my question to you all is: is it possible? I haven't dabbled in 3DS rom hacking at all and I don't know to what extent 3DS games can be modified. If it is possible, then I may look into starting up a project- if there isn't one already. I feel this hack would help the community get a better understanding of what can be implemented with romhacks and get more experience with the process (myself included). What are your thoughts?
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    you MAY be able to do it via HANS by editinh the homebrew launcher payload. good luck editing the payload thouh.
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    Its the same issue that the PSP to the Vita had. The PSP sported a little left hand analog nub, which only worked for most games. When games started getting ported over to the Vita, games that already supported the nub support the new left hand analog stick. The problem with the right stick (or the N3DS nub in this case) is where do you get the controls from? You cant just make a camera control or a dual stick moving scheme without the code there already.

    The Vita allows you to map existing controls to the stick, so games that support L and R for camera rotation translate the best to the right stick. But other than that, its probably going to require some hard coding.
  4. EdisLeado

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    Bortz, I believe all the original poster wants is the second N3DS nub to do the exact same thing as the main analog stick. I wouldn't mind this feature if it is at all possible. It'd be very helpful in a lot of games - especially the visual novels.
  5. hippy dave

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    Apr 30, 2012
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    It doesn't sound outside the realm of possibility, but it's not as straightforward as changing values in the code to respond to right stick instead of left stick. You'd need to change the app's permissions to have access to the service needed to read the nub, and add extra code somewhere to use that service, then call the new code from the original code.
  6. Jawertae

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    Couldn't something like this be achieved with a tool like hans?
  7. hippy dave

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    Apr 30, 2012
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    I haven't used hans and I don't remember if it can replace the code.bin - if it can, and the modified code can be bigger than the original, then yeah it might be possible. The reverse engineering and reprogramming the code is the hard part tho, doesn't matter whether you then use the result via hans or any other method.

    e: actually unless hans can also alter the app's permissions it probably wouldn't work.