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    Jun 12, 2020
    United States
    Does anyone know how to create a CBMD file for 3D Banners?
    I already have the BCWAV and BCMDL, I just don't know how to make the CBMD

    EDIT: I figured out you can make 3D banners with bannertools by using this command

    bannertool makebanner -ci [MODELNAME].cgfx -a [SOUNDNAME].wav -o banner.bin

    Just replace the [MODELNAME] and [SOUNDNAME] with the actual names of the files

    The sound can be up to exactly 3 seconds long

    And you can see how to convert obj to cgfx here

    However if you do use EFE to convert the model, you can't give it any animation and it'll just spin. for that you'll need NW4C
    (It's part of the nintendo SDK, it lets you convert models into bcmdl with Maya or 3DS Max)

    I can't link it here but if you look around you can find it
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