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    Been a bit lax around here lately so a catch up thread as many nice games have been released.

    By all accounts an amazing crop of XBLA hit in recent times.
    One of the many brawlers (and few reasons to own more than two controllers for the 360) that lives up to something resembling price.
    By most accounts another good XBLA story type game.
    By the numbers, if not bad, twin stick shooter.
    Platforming game with somewhat mixed reviews (seriously mixed -- some absolutely slated it where others found it somewhat amusing).
    The first was something of a cult classic and did a lot to break out from the "XBLA is a dumping ground and emulation" idea that had grown up. The return to first person without ranged weapons fails to shine according to most.
    A sort of action/RPG (of the sci fi persuasion) but done well according to what little is out there.
    And it was going so well.. though tie in games have managed to elevate themselves somewhat in recent years it seems XBLA tie in games did not get the memo.
    As above it seems to be a weak effort, some DLC is planned but most are saying things like "paid demo".

    The DLC, though fewer in number, releases have also been as good as the XBLA was it seems. Quite nice when this part of the year is often so lacking.
    Following on (as in you really needed to have played it to do this) from the "The Knife of Dunwall" DLC comes another DLC for Dishonored, just about everybody is singing its praises here.
    One list of the skins (quite a few notable ones, if you like skins of course) http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/496015/20130801/minecraft-xbox-360-skin-pack-5-batman.htm
    Though initially called something of a stopgap DLC to bridge the two "seasons" of the telltale game it has since seen it gain many fans.

    Region dupes
    A full DLC/would be GOTY pack of FFX13-2 it seems (though I may be wrong). Not sure if it comes in PIRS form.
    Metro Last Light but for Japan.
    Japanese version of Grid 2.
    Killer is Dead gets a "full release" writeup.

    Lots of releases.
    Disney goes Skylanders by the looks of things. Not sure how it works without the gubbins and whether you can get said gubbins as standalone.

    Latest in the Saints Row series, there is a bunch of DLC by the looks of things so expect that when it releases properly in a few days.

    XCOM hit hard the other year when the once celebrated franchise returned and demonstrated turn based games could hold their own in present times. Before then though there were various games in development that many feared to be modern game with the name of a well liked old franchise (a fate that befell one time rival of sorts Syndicate). Being helmed by the people that made Bioshock and with it seeing delays to get it up to spec people are hoping it works and early signs look pretty good.

    One time stealth game seems to have gone nearly full action at points though fortunately this seemed to be one instance where people are thankful for the E3 trailers to have lied a bit and much of once what made it great has returned (having skipped much of the previous outing). http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-08-14-splinter-cell-blacklist-review might be worth a read.

    Surprisingly not a kinect game. Despite being out a while I can not find much of anything on this.

    Sequel to one time PS3 (and PC) exclusive. It is co-op (sadly online only and by most accounts you really need humans on your team) so we have to note it. If you thought the multiplayer of Kane and Lynch 2 showed promise you probably want this, it is not necessarily your average run and gun affair either.

    Terraria became known as "that which is not minecraft" in certain circles and they share many similar themes. Most quite enjoy it though.

    Suda51's new game. one trailer. It might not be the most accurate but "What if Suda51 made Wet" might get somewhere near to summing it up. That said it has been a little while since we have seen a good hack and slash game on the 360 and more are definitely welcome.

    "Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3: BFE along with The Jewel of the Nile DLC and Serious Sam Double D XXL"

    Not so much racing as stunts and the like, hopefully this is not all that fans of MX vs ATV have to look forward to. By what few accounts are out there this could be far worse.
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    Killer is dead is pretty good. Release is region locked, but full English, so if you have a Japanese/Jtag/RGH console, have at it :).
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